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About Chic Empire

Behind the name, behind the brand

Chic Empire® is a boutique brand of handcrafted, luxurious sheepskin footwear delivering a unique blend of traditional styles with latest fashion trends. Every pair of Chic Empire sheepskin boots are meticulously crafted from a selection of premium components at our manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Australia, by highly skilled craftsmen. Since its humble beginnings, the Chic Empire® brand has been associated with unmatched quality, exciting designs and effective customer service.

Chic Empire Australian Story

The Chic Empire® story began 23 years ago in a small workshop in a bayside suburb in Melbourne, where a new immigrant from Europe established a company called "Australian Comfort" and started manufacturing boots and slippers using Australian double-face sheepskin. His decades of experience working as a shoe maker in Europe helped him to create practical, well-made styles of sheepskin boots that quickly gained popularity among local community. Soon, he established a strong loyal customer base that included tradesmen, surfers, professionals and even some local celebrities. In 2006, Australian Comfort merged with Clickcorp Pty Ltd enabling both companies to modernise and expand the production facilities and establish Chic Empire® brand. This joint venture resulted in the exponential growth and popularity of Chic Empire sheepskin boots and accessories, exposing the brand to the global markets. Clickcorp continues to maintain a strong commitment to manufacturing in Australia and employ Australians to produce an iconic Australian product. Today Clickcorp employs over 40 Australians and operates a 2500m2 manufacturing facility in Melbourne with Chic Empire® sheepskin boots and products being exported to 27 countries worldwide.

From raw sheepskin to catwalk

At the heart of good quality sheepskin boots is the quality of raw materials used. In Australia, we are blessed to have access to superb lambswool and sheepskin that are uniquely suited to the manufacturing of sheepskin boots. We work closely with a number of tanneries to select the best and the most luxurious skins for our manufacturing. This, together with the premium quality threads, binding and outsoles allows us to create products of unmatched quality. Chic Empire® products are the only products on the market that use Five Star™ quality control system where quality control checks are performed during five stages of the manufacturing process. Only sheepskin boots that pass all quality checks and get five stars are shipped to the retail outlets.


Chic Empire® brand offers a unique fashion focussed range of sheepskin boots and accessories. We believe that we add "Chic" to humble sheepskin boots without sacrificing on comfort and the luxurious feel of sheepskin footwear. With over 80 different styles in 15 colour combinations even the most discerning consumer can find a style that they'll enjoy and cherish. We offer five distinct collections: Classic, Comfort, Fashion, Kids and Accessories, each offering a unique blend of practicality and latest fashion trends. It is Chic Empire's attention to detail, fashion focussed innovative designs and premium quality that sets it apart from other brands on the market.

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