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Care Instructions

Caring For and Cleaning Your Sheepskin Boots

Your sheepskin boots are made from 100% natural sheepskin, which is naturally resistant to small amounts of water. If you avoid wading through deep puddles or trekking through mud, your sheepskin boots will last a long time. It never hurts to give boots an occasional gentle brushing with a soft cloth or suede or nubuck brush. This will loosen any dust or small amounts of dirt that might have attached to the boot during the course of the day. Brush your boots in one direction only. When not wearing your boots, keep them in a dry place, as you would with any shoes. If nothing obstructs the opening of the boots, they will air out on their own. Next time you slip your sheepskin boots on they will feel and look as great as ever.

How to Clean Sheepskin Boots

One reason sheepskin boots look and feel wonderful is because each pair ia made from 100% natural Australian sheepskin. Sheepskin is a material that should be cleaned gently. Sheepskin boots should never be put in a washing machine or dryer. Hand-wash your sheepskin boots in a warm water, using an approved wool detergent. You can use a soft brush for scrapping. To dry, place your boots in the shade, away from heat or direct sunlight and allow drying out slowly to retain the soft, supple finish. Sheepskin footwear does shrink slightly after drying out, but will get back to normal after just a few wears. Once the boot is dry, lightly brush the cleaned area with a suede or nubuck brush. Brush in one direction only. If you follow these directions, your sheepskin boots will look fantastic for years to come.
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