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Enviro Fleece™

Eco friendly fashion is a part of the growing design philosophy and trend of sustainability and Chic Empire is proud to be the first to offer high-fashion sheepskin boots that make minimum impact on our threatened environment. Combining finest Enviro Fleece™ double-face sheepskin with the newest tanning technology, our Enviro Fleece™ sheepskin boots are the first of its kind in the Australian market. You no longer have to compromise your style to care for the environment.

Enviro Fleece™ is result of the latest eco-friendly sheepskin tanning process that has been in development for over six years. The result is the stronger, brighter sheepskin boots that also are environmentally friendly. Following are some advantages of Enviro Fleece tm over standard sheepskin boots.

- Reduction in "looseness", "ribbyness", "growth marks".
- A tighter leather across the skin.
- A "rounder" and "firmer" leather resulting in a better quality boots.
- Average weight per Sqft increase by 5.4%.
- A shorter and finer nap is achieved.
- Color variation within the sheepskin is skin is reduced.
- Color variation from skin to skin is reduced.
- Colours are cleaner, richer and brighter.
- Tanning liquors are fully recycled.
- Water usage is reduced by 30%.
- Only chemicals that minimise the impact on our environment are used.
- Chrome usage is reduced by 67%.
- Chrome content is reduced by over 55%.

Please contact us if you require more information about our eco-friendly Enviro Fleece™ sheepskin boots.
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