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Sheepskin Boots - Sydney

Sheepskin Boots in Sydney


Arguably Sydney surf beaches gave birth to the humble sheepskin boot. These days you can see sheepskin boots being worn and sold on Pitt Street Mall, Bondi Beach and all the way to Manly.

When walking towards Sydney Opera House along Circular Quay, don't be surprised to see teenagers wearing sheepskin boots with miniskirts during 30+ temperatures. Sheepskin and sheepskin footwear in particular, has excellent insulation properties and contrary to many beliefs can be worn during hot weather to keep your feet cool.

In Sydney, you'll be spoilt for choice of sheepskin footwear. Most shops around tourist areas offer some kind of sheepskin boots for sale. When walking around Darling Harbour area, you can even purchase sheepskin scuffs and slippers at '7 Eleven' stores.

The huge demand for sheepskin products in Sydney attracts a lot of dodgy operators to the market place. Watch out for counterfeit products as well as synthetic boots sold as genuine sheepskin boots.

Make sure you enquire about boots origin as a lot of sheepskin footwear is imported from overseas. One way to ensure that you are buying genuine Australian made sheepskin boots is to look for a stitched in label inside the boots with the products origin.

At Chic Empire we offer an express overnight delivery to Sydney metropolitan area for products purchased at our online store.

Whether you are after fashion sheepskin boots or something to wear around the house, you can browse through over 500 styles of sheepskin boots, sheepskin accessories and wool products on our online store.

Chic Empire sheepskin products are also stocked in over 100 stores across Sydney and NSW. If you require more information on local authorised resellers of Chic Empire's sheepskin products do not hesitate to contact us.

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