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Chic Empire Water Resistant Sheepskin

Genuine sheepskin is naturally quite absorbent thanks to the presence of pours. As the sheepskin is processed at the tannery, most of the organic materials are removed but the absorbency remains. This trait is actually utilised in sheepskin processing to make sure that dyes are fully absorbed resulting in long lasting vibrant colours. Once the sheepskin has been initially processed, there are number of finishing options available, including finishes which will help the leather resist or repel water.

All double faced sheepskins used in manufacturing of Chic Empire sheepskin boots is treated with Scotchguard Protector during the milling phase of the tanning process. This treatment combined with additional pre-manufacturing application of water repellent agents, gives Chic Empire boots greater resistance to oil, dirt and water, ensuring your boots are looking good day after day.

To maintain the water resistant properties of the sheepskin, it is recommended that Chic Empire's Sheepskin and Suede protector is applied to the boots at regular periods. Some other benefits of Chic Empire water resistant treatment include:

  1. Water and oil repellent
  2. Stain resistant
  3. Easier care
  4. Longer life

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